The Harvest

Armed with strawberries and Nutella, and some vanilla cream tea from a tea bag (Giles would be so disappointed), I am ready to continue my Grand Buffy Rewatch. I’m starting about an hour later than I’d meant to, and I’m pretty distracted by the Nutella right now, but oh well.

Some impressions from The Harvest:

  • I don’t think I’d ever be able to convince myself that a vampire bursting into dust in front of me was ‘just a trick of the light’
  • Rhianna’s nail game: Possibly inspired by The Master
  • Did the Master turn Jessie into a vampire? If so, why was he such a wimpy vampire? I want to know more about Sire lore, generally. “They have to suck your blood, then you have to suck they’re blood…it’s this whole big sucking thing,” etc.
  • I want more Darla in my life, preferably with less simpering
  • I want much less Xander in my life
  • I want the story of Luke, 1843, Madrid
  • Did any of you see SMG rapping as Cinderella in a rap battle with Belle from Beauty and the Beast? It made me sad.
  • I’m embarrassingly into giant s1 hair.
  • The amount of time the women of Buffy waste soothing Xander’s fragile man-ego is infuriating to me, and we’re only on the second episode so…yay?
  • Would like the story of joke vs Buffy + little, little x-acto knife.
  • Not sure if I want more or less of Cordy’s fur-edged sleeves. I’ll go with more, because Cordy can do no wrong.
  • Continuity of vampire strength is definitely lacking in this show. These rando vampires can pull back a metal door like its…the foil on a jar of Nutella. Which is way stronger that Buffy, since she needed Xander’s help close said door.
  • My brother says Luke reminds him of a “really buff vampire Mick Jagger.” And then, upon further reflection, “Or just a really buff Mick Jagger.”
  • Anthony Stewart Head is my favorite person.
  • Xander is my least favorite person.
  • Would like more Buffy’s leather jacket in my life.
  • Darla in vamp face is legitimately scary, especially because she’s in a Catholic school girl uniform?
  • Luke’s jacket: Where can I buy it.
  • SMG’s season one fight sounds are so earnest.
  • SMG’s “I just killed your leader” glare is on point. Pretty sure that was my desktop screensaver for all of the year 2000. (It’s also my general state of mind when I commute to work each morning.)
  • Apocalypses Averted: 1

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