Ways To Be Sad: A Thesaurus


There is external gravity and then there is internal gravity, the gravity of the guts. External gravity is always there; internal gravity spins up, like that ride at the amusement park that pins you to the wall. You might not sink when it hits, not visibly. You might not even brace yourself for a moment on the shelf of fancy jams in the grocery store. But inside, the gravity is too strong for the narrow scaffold of your body to hold. Inside you’ve crumpled dramatically down and you’ve taken the jam shelf with you.

Usage: “I know the jam shop is only a few blocks away, but I’ve got gravity.”

Jess Zimmerman, over at The Hairpin

Coven Writing/Writing Workshops

021015Yesterday was the Inaugural Gathering of my Writing Coven (not to be confused with my general coven, which yes, I am part of a general coven), and it was so successful and great that I’m going to tell you all about it!

First of all, it was group of seven of us, all women, and it was probably the best workshop I’ve ever been a part of.

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